The Immune Therapy Initiative for Ovarian Cancer (ITI-OC) was developed out of patient advocacy on the part of Randall Caudill and Patricia Dunn to facilitate groundbreaking new therapies for treating late stage, recurrent ovarian cancer.

ITI-OC needs your help in raising tax-deductible donations to support ovarian cancer research and clinical trials based on advanced vaccine and immune therapy currently underway at The University of Pennsylvania (Abramson Cancer Center) under the direction of Drs. George Coukos and Carl June.

Ovarian cancer is a lethal disease. More than 100,000 women worldwide will die from this disease this year. Despite advances in surgery and chemotherapy, the mortality rate for ovarian cancer has not changed materially in the last forty years. Because ovarian cancer exhibits few symptoms, 75% of ovarian cancer is diagnosed as late-stage disease, and 80% of these patients will face disease recurrence following their initial treatment, typically within two years. Recurrent ovarian cancer cannot currently be cured.

Find out how you can support the ovarian cancer clinical trials underway at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania.